Louis C.K. On Jay Leno
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Louis C.K. had an eventful night on “The Tonight Show” Monday night,
complete with some Jay Leno-bashing, a not-so-subtle Jerry Sandusky joke and the suggestion that Olympian athlete Lolo Jones make a sex tape with Tim Tebow.


@CedEntertainer plays a Reverend on ‘The Soul Man’
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Cedric the Entertainer, 48, real name Cedric Antonio Kyles, is no secret to the world of comedy.  You may know him from ‘The Steve Harvey’ show or The Kings of Comedy.  This time he’s coming to you with his new show, ‘The Soul Man.’ He plays Reverend Boyce ‘The Voice’ Ballentine.  The sitcom will be aired on TVLand starting this Wednesday, June 20th at 10 pm.

Cedric appeared on Good Morning America Monday morning to talk about the sitcom.  The show is about a singer who turns into a Reverend, and his family struggles with embracing the new lifestyle.  Niecy Nash plays the Reverend’s wife, and they also have a daughter.

Cedric the Entertainer is more than a comedian.  He is also a dancer and actor.  He has been very successful as an actor.  One of Cedric’s big movies was, ‘Johnson Family Vacation.’  Vanessa Williams played the role of his wife, and Steve Harvey played the role of his brother.

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Legendary Comedian Jerry Lewis Released From Hospital
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NEW YORK — A publicist for Jerry Lewis says the 86-year-old comedian is resting at his hotel after spending two nights in a New York hospital.

Lewis was hospitalized Tuesday due to low blood sugar after forgetting to eat or drink.


@ArsenioOFFICIAL Gets New Syndicated Late Night Talk Show!
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Arsenio Hall gets a new talk show.

Arsenio Hall is parlaying his “Celebrity Apprentice” win into a full-fledged TV comeback.
Hall has signed a contract with CBS Television Distribution to host a syndicated talk show debuting in the Fall of 2013.


The Drive Thru Floating Cup Trick
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The Floating Cup Trick.. Gets ‘em everytime.

MCF.com’s Paparazzi Photo Of @ComedianRJay @TommyCat & @MiamiJoker
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MCF.com Catches
Comedians RJ, Tommy Davidson & Marvin Dixon
Outside Of A Recent Private Event Inside The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

Father’s Day #Fail
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Comedian Tommy Chong Battles Prostate Cancer
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Actor Tommy Chong is battling prostate cancer, he revealed to CNN’s Don Lemon on Saturday night.

The 74-year-old is best known for his stoner-comedy routine alongside Cheech Marin, as the comedy duo “Cheech and Chong.”

Chong told CNN he was diagnosed about a month ago and that the cancer is currently in a “slow stage one.”
He revealed he first noticed symptoms nearly eight years ago during his nine-month sentence at
Taft Correctional Institution in California, adding that he believes the prison caused his health
to take a turn for the worse.

“The prison is built on toxic waste. I also got gout from the food there,” he told CNN.

The actor and comedian revealed his condition during an interview about his support for decriminalizing marijuana use and sales, so it’s not surprising how he plans on treating his illness.

“I’ve got prostate cancer, and I’m treating it with hemp oil, with cannabis. So [legalizing marijuana] means a lot more to me than just being able to smoke a joint without being arrested,” he explained, adding that he was drug free for nearly three years, during which time he began having health problems. “So I know [the cancer] had nothing to do with cannabis. Cannabis is a cure.”

Chong also explained he quit smoking marijuana about a year ago, so to treat his prostate cancer he ingests hemp oil, but only “at night, so I won’t be woozy all day,” he explained.

@BillMaher Interviews @SethMacFarlane On CNN
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Bill Maher filled in for Piers Morgan on his CNN program on Friday night
and got to sit down with special guest Seth MacFarlane.

Maher talked to the “Family Guy” creator about the show’s raunchiness
and the things he can get away with on an animated show.
MacFarlane admitted that there are plenty of things that go down
on “Family Guy” that would be abhorrent on “Everybody Loves Raymond.”

“You can’t joke about things like domestic violence on a live-action show,” MacFarlane said,
right before Maher put him on the spot to come up with a specific example (he gets out of it by doing a Stewie impression).
Luckily, Maher remembers one recent scene that definitely pushed the boundaries.

Watch the clip from their interview above.

@Rihanna To Show Off Her Comedic Talents
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Pop star Rihanna has bagged another film role after making her debut in “Battleship”. She’s starring in Seth Rogen’s new comedy “The End Of The World”.

The 24-year-old first put her acting talents to the test playing a tough cadet in the Peter Berg movie and now she’s trying her comedy skills for Rogen’s movie.

Rihanna was spotted shooting scenes with actress Emma Watson in New Orleans, Louisiana Thursday , alongside co-star Jonah Hill, reports contactmusic.com.

The Umbrella hitmaker also took to Twitter to drop hints about the project, telling fans, “Movie time in N.O, all my fav comedians in 1 room! Pure laughs non stop(sic)”

A host of stars including James Franco, Jason Segel, Danny MCBride and Mindy Kaling have signed up to play themselves in the apocalypse-themed film, which is set for release next year.

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