Marijuana can make Christmas better, so sings Garfunkel and Oates (Video)
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Move over “Jingle Bells.” Garfunkel and Oates have the newest Christmas song that will sure to be a favorite at the office holiday party! The musical duo put out their latest hit, “Scary Fucked Up Christmas.” It’s an instructional ditty or sorts, wherein they extol the virtues of marijuana and its effect on calming their nerves when their families gather for Christmas.

I’m not sure what kind of weed they’re smoking that causes hallucinations of the apocalypse and makes you want to make out with your cousins, but both of those things are better than having to deal with your family totally sober. Check out “Scary Fucked Up Christmas,” featuring comedian Doug Benson as Stoner Santa!

Comedian Gary Owen Prepares To Drop His New Stand Up Special & New Film!
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As we mentioned previously, comedian Gary Owen has produced a stand up special that is set to air in the beginning of the year. Well, now we can give you some updated news from the Shaq Comedy Jam All-Star comedian; the title of his stand up special is titled True Story. The titled name is a catch phrase that Owen uses in his stand up frequently.
We hear the one hour special, produced by Codeblack Entertainment (of Kevin Hart’s Laugh At My Pain and The Shaq Comedy All Star Jam) is set to be aired on either Showtime or Comedy Central and will be in stores in March 2012.

Up next for Owen is the new film titled Think Like a Man starring Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, and Gabrielle Union (just to name a few) on March 9th.

Russell Brand will host his own unscripted, late night talk show
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UPDATE: Russell Brand has also signed a deal to develop an animated series for Fox, based loosely on his life in his 20s, according to Deadline. As you may know, Brand was a sex and drug addict in his early days. That would make for a pretty raunchy cartoon show.

In the spring of 2012, American televisions will experience a new British Invasion; comedian and actor Russell Brand will be hosting his own late night chat show. Nick Grad, Executive Vice President of Original Programming for FX announced today they have reached an agreement with Brand for six half-hour installments of a yet-to-be-titled, unscripted series.

Watch Will Ferrell in a teaser for his Spanish comedy flick ‘Casa de mi Padre
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Will Ferrell’s comedic range never ceases to amaze me: he’s at once 100 percent convincing as the most naïve, cheerful kid on the planet (i.e. Elf, which will be on cable TV daily until 2012 rolls around, probably) and as a supreme womanizing douchebag (i.e. Wedding Crashers, which will be on cable TV daily until the end of time).

A new flick, however, is giving him the opportunity to expand his acting chops to a new language. A new trailer was released for Casa de mi Padre, a full-length all-Spanish comedy that also stars Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna. The film centers on Armando Alvarez (Ferrell), who works as a rancher in Mexico before his brother Raul (Luna) arrives back at the ranch both richer and with a fiancée in tow. Cue the obvious love triangle: Alvarez falls for his brother’s fiancée, and all of them become embroiled in a huge war with a Mexican drug lord (Bernal). Hooray!

Take a look at the new teaser below. Ferrell’s accent is almost convincing!

Comedic Actor Anthony Anderson To Appear In ‘Reed Between The Lines’!
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We just discovered that comedic actor Anthony Anderson will be featured in BET‘s newest sitcom titled Reed Between The Lines on Tuesday, December 20th, as the series concludes the season with a three new episode finale beginning at 10:00 pm. Anderson will make his appearance in the episode as Dr. Soto.

In the episode we hear that Dr. Soto is known as “The Love Guru,” who has written several self-help books teaching women how to get a man with the cooking-looking sexy and putting him on a pedestal way. According to, in this episode, both Dr. Soto and Carla (Tracee Ellis Ross) are invited to speak on a relationship panel for a Women Empowering Conference. During the panel, the two colleagues seem to have different views on how to get a man.

The Comedian Capone Officially Joins The New Shaq Comedy All Star Jam Tour!
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\We just discovered that the comedian known as Capone, probably best known nationally from several performances on the new seasons of Russell Simmon’s Def Comedy Jam, has recently joined the new Shaq Comedy All Star Jam Tour with 22 scheduled dates. Capone also stated that he is dropping his new book titled From The Hood To Hollywood, My Life Is No Joke.
Thanks to the radio broadcast of comedian Rodney Perry and his blogtalk radio broadcast titled Rodney Perry Live, Capone told the listening audience that he was the first one for the next tour that has yet to be scheduled.

The current tour consists of Michael Blackson, Gary Owen, DeRay Davis and Aires Spears. More news to come!

Will Smith’s New Film ‘Men In Black 3′ Finally Releases New Trailer!
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Finally, the long awaited Will Smith film Men In Black 3 has released a trailer! After many problems with the script and the casting, the film by Sony Pictures is set to be released next summer!

If you havent seen the trailer yet, here it is;

‘GI Joe:Retaliation’ Starring Dwayne Johnson Releases New Trailer!
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The new film GI Joe:Retaliation, the sequel to G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra, finally released a new trailer today courtesy of Paramount Pictures.
The new film stars Dwayne Johnson, Channing TatumAdrianne Palicki ( of NBC’s defunct Wonder Woman fame), and Bruce Willis. Oh yeah, there will be a small part in there from comedian DeRay Davis! The film, Directed by Jon Chu opens June 29th, 2012.

Here is the trailer:

Eddie Murphy Teams With Spike Lee & Lands New Dramatic Role- For HBO!
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We just discovered that comedian Eddie Murphy is planning on landing a new role- for television! We hear that Murphy will playformer Maryor Marion Barry. The film will be directed by Spike Lee and will be televised on HBO, as part of their HBO Films.

According to The Hollywood Reporter;

HBO Films is developing an untitled television biopic centered on former Washington D.C. Mayor Marion Barry, whom Murphy would play should the project move forward, a source confirms to The Hollywood Reporter.

Remembering Richard Pryor On The Anniversary Of His Death
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Six years ago on December 10, 2005 we lost one of the great comedians to ever grace the stage; Richard Pryor. Pryor was not only one of the best to ever hit the stage, he spawned many of today’s comedians that we have grown to love from Eddie Murphyto Chris Rock. In remembrance of his passing, comedian Darryl Littleton wrote an article about Pryor that we had to share;

Chris Rock once said, “F**k Richard Pryor.”   When asked he responded that we should stop revering him to the point he’s unreachable; his level of comedy unattainable.   Legends are meant to be supplanted.  Runners needed to say “F**k Carl Lewis” so we ended up with a Usain Bolt.  Basketball players needed to say, “F**k Michael Jordan” so a Kobe Bryant could get his due.   And quarterbacks had to say “F**k Brett Favre” so Aaron Rodgers could become the most respected figure in Green Bay right behind Abraham Lincoln and Jesus (and in that order).  However, those are athletics and records broken are naturally filled in with the name of the breaker.  Art is not the same.  One day Rock and others might technically be funnier than Pryor, but no one will ever replace him.  His legacy is secured by the timing he had on stage and off.