Watch Will Ferrell in a teaser for his Spanish comedy flick ‘Casa de mi Padre
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Will Ferrell’s comedic range never ceases to amaze me: he’s at once 100 percent convincing as the most naïve, cheerful kid on the planet (i.e. Elf, which will be on cable TV daily until 2012 rolls around, probably) and as a supreme womanizing douchebag (i.e. Wedding Crashers, which will be on cable TV daily until the end of time).

A new flick, however, is giving him the opportunity to expand his acting chops to a new language. A new trailer was released for Casa de mi Padre, a full-length all-Spanish comedy that also stars Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna. The film centers on Armando Alvarez (Ferrell), who works as a rancher in Mexico before his brother Raul (Luna) arrives back at the ranch both richer and with a fiancée in tow. Cue the obvious love triangle: Alvarez falls for his brother’s fiancée, and all of them become embroiled in a huge war with a Mexican drug lord (Bernal). Hooray!

Take a look at the new teaser below. Ferrell’s accent is almost convincing!

Comedic Actor Anthony Anderson To Appear In ‘Reed Between The Lines’!
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We just discovered that comedic actor Anthony Anderson will be featured in BET‘s newest sitcom titled Reed Between The Lines on Tuesday, December 20th, as the series concludes the season with a three new episode finale beginning at 10:00 pm. Anderson will make his appearance in the episode as Dr. Soto.

In the episode we hear that Dr. Soto is known as “The Love Guru,” who has written several self-help books teaching women how to get a man with the cooking-looking sexy and putting him on a pedestal way. According to, in this episode, both Dr. Soto and Carla (Tracee Ellis Ross) are invited to speak on a relationship panel for a Women Empowering Conference. During the panel, the two colleagues seem to have different views on how to get a man.

The Comedian Capone Officially Joins The New Shaq Comedy All Star Jam Tour!
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\We just discovered that the comedian known as Capone, probably best known nationally from several performances on the new seasons of Russell Simmon’s Def Comedy Jam, has recently joined the new Shaq Comedy All Star Jam Tour with 22 scheduled dates. Capone also stated that he is dropping his new book titled From The Hood To Hollywood, My Life Is No Joke.
Thanks to the radio broadcast of comedian Rodney Perry and his blogtalk radio broadcast titled Rodney Perry Live, Capone told the listening audience that he was the first one for the next tour that has yet to be scheduled.

The current tour consists of Michael Blackson, Gary Owen, DeRay Davis and Aires Spears. More news to come!

Will Smith’s New Film ‘Men In Black 3′ Finally Releases New Trailer!
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Finally, the long awaited Will Smith film Men In Black 3 has released a trailer! After many problems with the script and the casting, the film by Sony Pictures is set to be released next summer!

If you havent seen the trailer yet, here it is;

‘GI Joe:Retaliation’ Starring Dwayne Johnson Releases New Trailer!
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The new film GI Joe:Retaliation, the sequel to G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra, finally released a new trailer today courtesy of Paramount Pictures.
The new film stars Dwayne Johnson, Channing TatumAdrianne Palicki ( of NBC’s defunct Wonder Woman fame), and Bruce Willis. Oh yeah, there will be a small part in there from comedian DeRay Davis! The film, Directed by Jon Chu opens June 29th, 2012.

Here is the trailer:

Eddie Murphy Teams With Spike Lee & Lands New Dramatic Role- For HBO!
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We just discovered that comedian Eddie Murphy is planning on landing a new role- for television! We hear that Murphy will playformer Maryor Marion Barry. The film will be directed by Spike Lee and will be televised on HBO, as part of their HBO Films.

According to The Hollywood Reporter;

HBO Films is developing an untitled television biopic centered on former Washington D.C. Mayor Marion Barry, whom Murphy would play should the project move forward, a source confirms to The Hollywood Reporter.

Remembering Richard Pryor On The Anniversary Of His Death
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Six years ago on December 10, 2005 we lost one of the great comedians to ever grace the stage; Richard Pryor. Pryor was not only one of the best to ever hit the stage, he spawned many of today’s comedians that we have grown to love from Eddie Murphyto Chris Rock. In remembrance of his passing, comedian Darryl Littleton wrote an article about Pryor that we had to share;

Chris Rock once said, “F**k Richard Pryor.”   When asked he responded that we should stop revering him to the point he’s unreachable; his level of comedy unattainable.   Legends are meant to be supplanted.  Runners needed to say “F**k Carl Lewis” so we ended up with a Usain Bolt.  Basketball players needed to say, “F**k Michael Jordan” so a Kobe Bryant could get his due.   And quarterbacks had to say “F**k Brett Favre” so Aaron Rodgers could become the most respected figure in Green Bay right behind Abraham Lincoln and Jesus (and in that order).  However, those are athletics and records broken are naturally filled in with the name of the breaker.  Art is not the same.  One day Rock and others might technically be funnier than Pryor, but no one will ever replace him.  His legacy is secured by the timing he had on stage and off.

Yahoo! launches online comedy channel
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Yahoo! is adding a comedy channel to its online line-up, kicking it off with a “CrazyStupidPolitics” show starring Bill Maher live in Silicon Valley in February.
“Bill Maher’s special is a groundbreaking event, not only for Yahoo! and Bill but for the Internet as the first ever, live, free broadcast online,” said Erin McPherson, head of Yahoo! Video.
Channel offerings will include short videos from Saturday Night Live television show writer Mike O’Brien and others as well as content from partners including online hit Funny or Die.
“I’m excited to be doing something new in bringing a live stand up show to a Web giant like Yahoo!,” Maher said in a statement. “It is my goal to make people say ‘Oh no he di’int’ in every medium on earth.” Take-over target Yahoo! has been trying to transform itself into a platform for personalized, premier digital content since the Internet pioneer was overtaken in the online search arena by Google.

Trouble brews as Michael Moore scraps comedy festival
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TRAVERSE CITY — A northern Michigan comedy festival co-founded by filmmaker Michael Moore has been called off for next year because organizers didn’t want a beer festival to crowd their laughs.

The Traverse City Comedy Arts Festival won’t take place in February because the Traverse City Winter Microbrew & Music Festival sought to share the same weekend, Traverse City Record-Eagle reported.


Moore said beer festival attendees last February interrupted comedy shows and there wasn’t enough security to handle the problem. The comedy festival could return in 2013, but Moore said organizers will “decide later” whether that happens.


In a written statement, Moore said the beer festival “purposefully piggybacked themselves onto (a) community-wide event that also included family activities.”


He added that someone “would think that with our nine long months of winter where tourist activity is at a minimum in TC that it might be a good idea to spread out these festivals rather than having them on the same weekend”


Sam Porter, who runs the microbrew event, says his scheduling options were limited. The beer event is scheduled for Feb. 10-11, 2012, overlapping with what had been the proposed dates for next year’s comedy festival.


“We want this weekend; we had it first,” Porter said. “But we’re happy to collaborate. We’re very sorry they feel they need to cancel.”


Porter said he doesn’t think the comedy festival’s absence will hurt his event, which included about 3,000 participants and volunteers in 2011.


The comedy festival’s past acts included Bob Saget and Roseanne Barr, and reported more than 10,000 admissions this year. No performers had been announced for 2012. City officials had hoped to resolve the scheduling conflicts.


The comedy festival “made it clear” it would not hold an event at the same time as the beer festival, in part because of concerns “about consumption of alcohol leading up to comedy fest events,” said Bryan Crough, of the Downtown Development Authority.


There is no city-related requirement that prevents the two events from taking place at the same time, city officials said.


“I hate to see it happen because I think it was … building momentum and had great interest. I’m not exactly sure what we could have done differently. We really don’t have a role except to get everyone to try to play well together,” Crough said.


Moore is a Flint native who started the comedy festival in 2010 with comedian Jeff Garlin. Moore also started a popular summer film festival in Traverse City, a Lake Michigan resort community about 250 miles northwest of Detroit.


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Joins New Comedy With Michael Bay To Direct!
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According to our friends over at Variety, it looks like action star
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has landed in a new comedy with Transformers
Director Michael Bay at the helm titled Pain And Gain! This so called
low budget film will keep Mr. Johnson working as he already has two
more Fast & Furious films to complete plus the GI Joe sequel, AND
another film titled Snitch. Here’s the article…

According to Variety;

Which muscular stars did Michael Bay first call for his darkly comedic
bodybuilding pic “Pain and Gain”?

His fellow WME clients and “The Other Guys” co-stars Dwayne Johnson
and Mark Wahlberg.

Both thesps discussed the film with Bay, and Johnson is in early talks
to topline Bay’s low-budget (by his standards) laffer. But Wahlberg’s
busy schedule forced him to pass on the project Monday afternoon.

Johnson remains a frontrunner for one of the two lead roles, though
sources caution that it’s still early in the casting process.

Based on a Miami New Times article from 1999, “Pain and Gain” will
follow a pair of Florida bodybuilders who get caught up in an
extortion ring and a kidnapping scheme that goes terribly wrong.

“Captain America” scribes Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely wrote
the original script and have compared its tone to the Coen brothers’
“Fargo,” which was also based on a true crime story.

Long-gestating dark comedy, which is said to carry a modest $20
million price tag, is set up at Paramount and will be produced by Bay
and Donald De Line, who has been involved with the project since 2001.

Johnson has been working non-stop since helping to usher “Fast Five”
to the highest gross in Universal’s “Fast and Furious” franchise. With
“Pain and Gain” expected to start production in the spring, Johnson
would be able to squeeze the film in before returning for the sixth
and seventh entries in “Fast” series, which Universal would ideally
like to shoot back-to-back beginning next year. Johnson, who returns
to family fare with “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island” Feb. 10,
recently wrapped “G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation” and will soon begin filming
Ric Roman Waugh’s action thriller “Snitch.”

With Wahlberg no longer mulling “Pain and Gain,” several projects
remain in contention for his next slot, including Universal’s “2 Guns”
and Adam McKay’s football comedy “Three Mississippi.” In recent years,
Wahlberg has mixed comedies such as “The Other Guys” and “Date Night”
in between dramatic turns in “The Fighter” and “The Lovely Bones.”