5 Questions with Bob Saget
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Bob Saget showed me that he was a SUPER FUNNY dude when he had his reoccurring  role in Entourage. A total 180 from his Full House days.  Read the whole interview The Detroit Pressafter the break.

Bob Saget was multitasking as he dialed up the Free Press last week. In a breath, the veteran star of stage and screen mentioned the gas man, a termite problem and a giant condom before muttering a not-quite-decipherable statement about the headline-grabbing Charlie Sheen, who just happens to be playing metro Detroit the same night as Saget.

“Seriously?” Saget deadpanned when asked about the conundrum some comedy fans faced when deciding where to spend their night and money. Not one to talk negatively about the competition, Saget simply added that his own show is “really a lot of fun.”

Depending on your sense of humor, that’s quite the understatement.

Interview: Sara Silverman Tells Her Favorite Dirty Jokes
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The SNL alumni sits with A.V. Club and gets down and dirty with Sara Silverman.

Name something that comedians do, and Sarah Silverman has done it. She got her start on Saturday Night Live, and spent the next decade guesting on such timeless programs as The Larry Sanders ShowMr. Show With Bob And DavidCrank Yankers, and that creepy Greg The Bunny. On the big screen, she’s starred in films like Jeff Garlin’s I Want Someone To Eat Cheese With, her very own Jesus Is Magic, and the recent show-biz dramedy Peep World. Having just finished her third season of The Sarah Silverman Program, she is now touring with her book, The Bedwetter: Stories Of Courage, Redemption, And Pee, and makes an appearance thisSaturday at the Chicago Theatre. Before the show, though, she found time to chat with The A.V. Club about her favorite dirty jokes, life with comedians, and the differences between penis and vagina.

The A.V. Club: So you’re kind of the queen of dirty jokes. What are your top five favorites of all time? No holds barred.

Sarah Silverman: Holy shit, hmm… No. 1: The pedophile is walking into the woods with a little kid. The kid says, “I’m scared, Mister!” The pedophile says, “You’re scared—I have to walk home alone!”


Tina Fey Tells Us Difference Between Male and Female Comedians
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An excerpt from Tina Fey’s The New Yorker article

People sometimes ask me about the difference between male and female comedians. Do men and women find different things funny? I usually attempt an answer that is so diplomatic and boring that the person will just walk away. Something like “There’s a tremendous amount of overlap in what men and women think is funny. And, I hate to generalize, but I would say that at the far ends of the spectrum men may prefer visceral, absurd elements, like sharksand robots, while women are more drawn to character-based jokes and verbal idiosyncrasies.” Have you walked away yet?

Here’s the truth: There is an actual difference between male and female comedy writers, and I’m going to reveal it now. The men urinate in cups. And sometimes jars. One of the first times I walked into the office of my old boss Steve Higgins, he was eating an apple and smoking a cigarette simultaneously. (When I started at “S.N.L.,” you could still smoke in an office building. I might not be young.) I had been there only a few weeks, and Steve had been very encouraging and supportive. I forget what we were talking about, but I went to get a reference book off a high shelf in his office. When I reached to move a paper cup that was in front of it, Steve jumped up. “Don’t touch that,” he said. “Hang on.” He grabbed the cup, and a couple of others like it around the office, and took them out of the room to dump them.

“Oh, yeah, that’s pee in those cups,” my friend Paula Pell later informed me. I could not believe it.

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Memorial Weekend featured Comedian: Rodney Perry Interviewed by Clayton Perry

Memorial Weekend Comedy Show is coming up faster then you know it and Rodney Perry is one of the featured comedians.  Check after the break for the full interview.

Over the past decade, Rodney Perry’s star has climbed to phenomenal heights. From his career-defining performance on Budweiser’s Starting Lineup of Comedy Tour to his side-man antics on BET’s award-winning Mo’Nique Show, Rodney has become well-known for his high-energy, free-for-all performances. As the loving father of five children, perhaps this is a benefit of being constantly surrounded by youthful spirits.

In the midst of a promotional campaign for The Mo’Nique Show’s recent NAACP Image Award Nomination for “Outstanding Talk Series,” Rodney Perry managed to squeeze some time out of his busy schedule and settle down for an interview with Clayton Perry – reflecting on the influence of Eddie Murphy, the mentorship of Cedric the Entertainer, and the “fine lines” of comedy.

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