White Girls Get Weave ‘For the First Time’

Hair and makeup artist, Deandra Giselle, was brought in by AllDefDigital to weave up a few ‘for the first time’ white girls. Typically words like “wigs” and “extensions” are used by “white people” to describe what black people refer to as weave. Its a pretty informative video with some hilarious white girl commentary. I even learned a few things…. like weave maintenance and durability. The biggest thing I learned? A good weave might change your life. LOL. As long as there’s no cultural appropriation going on, we’re good…. Continue reading

@SnoopDogg’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” vs. @CP3’s “Candy Girl” | #LipSyncBattle

SpikeTV’s ‘Lip Sync Battle’  recently featured hip hop OG, Snoop Dogg, and Los Angeles Clippers star, Chris Paul. Here’s the clip of them battling it out for the title of Lip Sync Battle Champion with Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin” and New Edition’s “Candy Girl”. Continue reading