@GaryOwenComedy: Black Church vs White Church
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During his Starz ‘Martin Lawrence Presents…1st Amendment Stand Up’ set, Gary Owen Comedy spoke on the many extremely different practices witnessed when attending a black vs white church. Now if you’ve ever attended service at a “black church”, you definitely understand where he’s coming from when he mentions the loud outbursts, holy ghosts, offerings, and dragged out services that seem to take forever and a day. I can’t count how many times I’ve heard my stomach roar in church because I got there at 9am and church was still going on at noon or going on 1pm. It’s the absolute worst when you forgot to eat a big breakfast too. Unfortunately, that usually comes AFTER the service.

P.S Gary Owen will be one of the headlining performers at the South Beach Comedy Festival shows on March 2 for the Shaquille O’Neal All Star Comedy Jam. For tickets and more info, CLICK HERE.

@Luenell: “What Women Don’t Want”
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She performed last night at the James L Knight Center for the Love And Laughter Comedy/R&B Tour Show doing what she does best – keeping it real and making people laugh. Men THINK they know what women want in the bedroom but Luenell shows how much most men obviously don’t during her Katthouse Comedy set.  This is what WOMEN DON’T WANT…….