Ced the Entertainer Remembers Def Comedy Jam
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*With his “Hot in Cleveland” spinoff moving forward on TV Land, Cedric the Entertainer took some time out to reflect on his journey thus far, which began with his first big break courtesy of Def Jam Records co-founder Russell Simmons.

“Definitely for me one of the great eras of comedy was those early 90s when Russell brought out ‘Def Comedy Jam,’ said Ced in a recent phone interview of the popular HBO series. “It was an opportunity for the urban comic to find a voice, and a voice that was speaking directly to that core African American audience.”

Ced said the show, which he also hosted for a stint, was not just a highly-rated comedy showcase, but also a pop culture phenomenon that led to sudden fame for most of its participants.

“That’s Russell’s thing, from early on with the innovations of rap music and bringing it out in such a real way with Run DMC and the Beastie Boys and all that,” said Ced. “But you know, we became stars, all of us on the ‘Kings of Comedy’ — me, Bernie Mac, and Steve Harvey, guys like Chris Tucker — you know, you started to see these faces and they popped out on the scene. We all have gone on to have great careers and ‘Def Comedy Jam’ was the catalyst to that for sure.”

*HILARIOUS VIDEO* Barack & Michelle Obama Sing Tupac’s “Hit’em Up”
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Beavis and Butt-Head’s Triumphant Return to MTV
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In the spirit of the heroes of this cartoon, I feel it’s only proper to start this off with a five word review: the show does not suck. But if you want to know more about the much-anticipated premiere of Mike Judge’s Beavis and Butt-Head, read on.
I went in to the first new episode of Beavis and Butt-Head with a nagging feeling that something would be off. I wasn’t sure what, exactly. Maybe a small detail in the animation, a change in the voice acting, or even re-recorded theme song (the first time I watched a Married With Children on Netflix, I almost didn’t make it past the revolting place-holder music for Sinatra). But surely there was going to be something that would ruin it. With Hollywood constantly finding new, grotesque ways to reboot franchises, maybe I am just conditioned now to be repulsed. But as soon as that fuzzy guitar lick hit, I knew we were in business. That said, it was weird to enjoy this on a nostalgic level, but also as something that feels part of today.

In Living Color Is Coming Back To Television- With A Brand New Cast!
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The Comedy Shaq Network Gears Up For YouTube Launch!
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As you may heave read by now, it appears that YouTube is about to take on the cable industry with a new initiative in television. The news released Friday announced over 100 channels that are about to jump in the new market, and several of these channels are about to tackle the urban comedy scene.

Up first in the market is Jeff Clanagan, one of the partners in the new Comedy Shaq Network, as he has partnered with former NBA All Star Shaquille O’Neal to launch their own comedy channel. As you can imagine, this channel will have exclusive content because of the behind-the-scenes footage that will be gathered from the Shaq All Star Comedy Jam Tour. What you can also expect from the channel is some exclusive content as we confirmed that Clanagan has licensed the rights to the entire Def Comedy Jam Library (which is 7 seasons which includes 101 episodes) but at this point we don’t know what his roll out strategy for the series is yet. After all, he produced and released Kevin Hart’s Laugh At My Pain theatrical film and it has grossed 7.6 million dollars, which is well above any Hollywood expectation for a stand up comedy feature.

There will be no doubt that lots of content from the tour of both brands will be made available to the viewer, but what other content that will be available will be a mystery. What is for sure is that whatever you think may happen, Clanagan has time and time again shocked the industry and always done the unexpected.

With the Codeblack library at his disposal (Clanagan is the CEO of Codeblack Entertainment with over 200 titles under the brand), plus the above mentioned content it seems that Clanagan has a head start on many of the channels included in the initial launch.

Only time will tell.

*VIDEO* Kevin Hart Gives Chris Brown a Dance Lesson For The BET Awards
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Tracy Morgan Spanks Shaq On ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon
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Ron Artest Comedy Tour? Oh really? NBA Lockout Hurts!
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Metta World Peace is taking his aspiring comedy career VERY seriously — and TMZ has learned he’s even enrolled in a stand-up “boot camp” to hone his skills during the NBA lockout.

MWP made his comedy debut a few months ago … and has another big showscheduled at the Planet Hollywood in Vegas later this month.

But sources close to the basketball star tell us he is dedicated to making improvements — and has joined the “Laff Mobb ” comedy group in L.A. … which claims its worked with HUGE comics in the past, like Bernie Mac, Chris Tucker and even Dave Chappelle.

Metta’s big Vegas show is set for Oct. 28.

Cedric The Entertainer is still working
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Cedric The Entertainer is still working it out, trying to get some good stuff out to the public.  His latest project, “Dance-Fu” was done on a very tight budget and is going straight to DVD.  So, this means that either Cedric is willing to take on small projects or he’s no longer getting the chance to take major roles.  But no matter what he’s working on, we’ll always love him.

Cedric The Entertainer’s “Dance-Fu” a spoof of dance movies hits DVD shelves this week on October 4. The comic look at the ubiquitous spate of dance-themed films is Cedric’s directorial debut and also stars Affion Crockett, Tommy Davidson and Kel Mitchell. Cedric says he shot the movie in 16 days on a shoestring budget or, he joked, by “trading in my Blockbuster and Wal-Mart discount coupons.” (Hmmm, must have been a really tight budget.)

When Chicago Pulaski Jones wants to avenge the death of his uncle, killed by the crime kingpin Pretty Eyed Willie, he has to rely on his dancing skills because he has no other skills. In his quest for vengeance he’ll incorporate those dancing skills into a new style of martial arts.


*PHOTO* Online Shopping!
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