*HILARIOUS* Funny Christmas videos and pictures. Enjoy.
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*HILARIOUS VIDEO* Guy Singing “Niggas in Paris” on NYC Subway
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*HILARIOUS VIDEO* Herman Cain’s 1986 Sexual Harassment Training
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Herman Cain’s 1986 Sexual Harassment Training from Tim Meadows

Comedian Hope Flood Launches First Ever Females In Comedy Convention!
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We just discovered that comedian Hope Flood, who many of you know from her stint as a radio show host in Dallas and as a comic on Martin Lawrence Presents, Def Comedy Jam, Comic View, (to just to name a few) has launched the first everFemales In Comedy Convention. The first ever convention of it’s kind will take place in Los Angeles in April 2012. The convention will include several workshops, seminars, luncheons, panel discussions, nightly showcases, comic celebrity basketball game, and more and will be celebrity studded.

If you are interested in finding out more info about the Females In Comedy Convention check out the website on December 1st when it goes live at http://www.femalesincomedyconvention.com. In the meantime you can email info@femalesincomedyconvention.com to answer any questions you may have.


#MCF Thanksgiving Week w/ Ashima Franklin one of the TOP Female Comedians! Watch This!
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Introducing Da HILARIOUS @SmokeySuarez He’ll be rockin wit @MiamiComedyFest all next week!
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Who’s crazier? Mike Tyson as Herman Cain or Herman Cain as Herman Cain? *VIDEO
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The 2012 Presidential Election is undoubtedly going to be the inspiration for plenty of great comedy. How can we tell? Funny or Die has made their own Politics page to “cover” the race for office and killed it right from the start by enlisting none other than Mike Tyson as presidential hopeful Herman Cain. This might be a great day for both Tyson and Cain. Despite their past careers, they’re destined to be comedy gold.

Eddie Murphy flick “A Thousand Words” finally being released; watch the trailer
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He may not be hosting the Oscars anymore, but he does co-star in Tower Heist, which, despite its embattled director Bratt Ratner, is doing just fine at the box office. And, as it turns out, that’s not the only flick on the horizon for the iconic comedian. After nearly three years on the shelf, Murphy’s movie A Thousand Words is set to hit theaters March 23, 2012.

Murphy stars as slimy businessman who can only say 1,000 words for the rest of his life. Why, you ask? Well, because a Native American put a curse on him, of course. Anyway, here’s the trailer. It looks kinda crappy. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Comedian Tracy Morgan Stars in New Drama “The Son of No One” with Al Pacino
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Most of us know Tracy Morgan from his hilarious performances on Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock. Yet three days ago his new movie “The Son of No One,” a police/crime drama, released in the United States, marking just the second time the comedian has starred in a dramatic film.

The movie has an incredible cast. as Morgan co-stars with Al Pacino, Ray Liotta, Katie Holmes and Channing Tatum.

For those wondering if Morgan actually had the acting chops to pull it off, check out the review he got from LA Times writer Robert Abele. Although Abele was mostly unimpressed with the movie as a whole, he was more than surprised by Morgan’s acting skills: “The shocker, though, is Tracy Morgan’s concentrated, powerful turn as Jonathan’s estranged best bud, transformed into a near-catatonic, mentally disturbed shell. His faraway look says much more than the incoherent strands of Montiel’s plot.”


Jimmy Kimmel Takes On Ellen DeGeneres In A Fiercely Competitive Nice-Off
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Ellen DeGeneres was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, and the notorious sweetheart presented a real threat to aspiring sweetheart Jimmy Kimmel. There’s no other way to settle cases like this one. A nice-off is the only way, and a nice-off they shall have, in front of a whole bunch of people and one guy inexplicably holding groceries. Kimmel gives it a good effort, but DeGeneres pulls out all the stops with her dancing and distribution of personalized tofutti cuties. By the way, after watching this video, I still have no idea what a tofutti cutie is, but I want one so bad.