@GaryOwenComedy: Black Church vs White Church

During his Starz ‘Martin Lawrence Presents…1st Amendment Stand Up’ set, Gary Owen Comedy spoke on the many extremely different practices witnessed when attending a black vs white church. Now if you’ve ever attended service at a “black church”, you definitely understand where he’s coming from when he mentions the loud outbursts, holy ghosts, offerings, and dragged out services that seem to take forever and a day. I can’t count how many times I’ve heard my stomach roar in church because I got there at 9am and church was still going on at noon or going on 1pm. It’s the absolute worst when you forgot to eat a big breakfast too. Unfortunately, that usually comes AFTER the service.

P.S Gary Owen will be one of the headlining performers at the South Beach Comedy Festival shows on March 2 for the Shaquille O’Neal All Star Comedy Jam. For tickets and more info, CLICK HERE.

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