Comedy, F*ckery, Love, or All of the above? Ochocinco’s Tattoo Of Evelyn Lozada’s Face

So if you haven’t read, seen, or heard about the domestic violence incident that occurred between Ochocinco and his soon to be estranged wife, Evelyn, I’d like you to kindly crawl out of the rock you’ve been hiding under now. Anywho….for those of you who are up to date, Ochocinco posted this pic of his new leg tattoo of none other than Evelyn on his calf. There’s no proof as of yet if the tattoo is permanent or temporary but it definitely has the blogs, social media, and news sources talking. What do you think of Ochocinco’s “tattoo”? Is it comedy, f*ckery, just plain ridiculous, or do you understand what this man known as an attention whore is going through? Leave a comment. We want to know what you think about his new ink.

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