#JudgeSapp: The Spanks-giving Special

@WarrenSapp is Judge Sapp. Check out ‘The Spanks-giving Special’.  A Dominatrix, Tiffany Baker, claims a client, Jerome Jenkins owes her money for services rendered. Jerome says the domination went above and beyond the services they agreed to.

In Warren Sapp’s court, real people resolve real issues before one of sports’ most outrageous and outspoken personalities. Donning a robe and wielding a gavel for the first time, Judge Sapp won’t take any nonsense as he presides over his court. Unlike the People’s Court, Judge Sapp features a DJ – Olympic snowboarder Louie Vito – and settlements determined by a casino-style wheel.

Is this what happens to a pro athlete when they’re in debt and file for bankruptcy?!

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