@CedEntertainer plays a Reverend on ‘The Soul Man’

Cedric the Entertainer, 48, real name Cedric Antonio Kyles, is no secret to the world of comedy.  You may know him from ‘The Steve Harvey’ show or The Kings of Comedy.  This time he’s coming to you with his new show, ‘The Soul Man.’ He plays Reverend Boyce ‘The Voice’ Ballentine.  The sitcom will be aired on TVLand starting this Wednesday, June 20th at 10 pm.

Cedric appeared on Good Morning America Monday morning to talk about the sitcom.  The show is about a singer who turns into a Reverend, and his family struggles with embracing the new lifestyle.  Niecy Nash plays the Reverend’s wife, and they also have a daughter.

Cedric the Entertainer is more than a comedian.  He is also a dancer and actor.  He has been very successful as an actor.  One of Cedric’s big movies was, ‘Johnson Family Vacation.’  Vanessa Williams played the role of his wife, and Steve Harvey played the role of his brother.

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