Cedric The Entertainer is still working

Cedric The Entertainer is still working it out, trying to get some good stuff out to the public.  His latest project, “Dance-Fu” was done on a very tight budget and is going straight to DVD.  So, this means that either Cedric is willing to take on small projects or he’s no longer getting the chance to take major roles.  But no matter what he’s working on, we’ll always love him.

Cedric The Entertainer’s “Dance-Fu” a spoof of dance movies hits DVD shelves this week on October 4. The comic look at the ubiquitous spate of dance-themed films is Cedric’s directorial debut and also stars Affion Crockett, Tommy Davidson and Kel Mitchell. Cedric says he shot the movie in 16 days on a shoestring budget or, he joked, by “trading in my Blockbuster and Wal-Mart discount coupons.” (Hmmm, must have been a really tight budget.)

When Chicago Pulaski Jones wants to avenge the death of his uncle, killed by the crime kingpin Pretty Eyed Willie, he has to rely on his dancing skills because he has no other skills. In his quest for vengeance he’ll incorporate those dancing skills into a new style of martial arts.


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