Interview: Kevin Hart talks about his concert film “Laugh At My Pain”

Kevin Hart is incredibly well known among comedy fans for his Comedy Central specials and albums I’m a Grown Little Man andSeriously Funny, as well as for his roles in the Scary Movie franchise, Death at a Funeral, and Little Fockers. Hart is combining his work in stand-up and feature films for a big screen release of his latest comedy special Laugh At My Pain, set to be released exclusively at AMC theaters Sept. 9. I called Kevin to get the details on the big screen flick as well as to hear about his early days in comedy and where he drew his material from for Laugh at My Pain.

How is having your special released in theaters different than having it released on television?
It’s just putting a different stature on it. It becomes an event. Releasing it on television is good and your traction is good. I’ve had success in my earlier years [with TV specials], but now because of the fan base that I’ve built, the attention that I’ve been getting, we decided to go theatrical. And going theatrical, it kind of just says, ‘Hey I’m much bigger and better than what I was before. You loved the last one, look at the stage I’m setting up for this one.’”

What are the technical differences between shooting a special for theaters as opposed to television?
For me there’s no difference. You don’t put pressure on yourself because of what you’re doing. You make sure you’re comfortable with the way it’s being set up, so it’s set up for you to win. And doing the live performance and recording it is the best way to do it, because you’re getting the immediate reaction.

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